Sometimes Part 2


2 yrs ago...
We were supposed to meet.
We were meant to be...

What made you turn your back on me then?
And What is now making you turn back time now.

It's too late.
We are too far apart now.

X : But I am here now. We can start over.

Very convinient.
Move on X. Its time you did...
Cuz you did 2 yrs never came.
I never saw you.

X : I was there Y.
I just didn't meet you.


X : All the best Y.
I will always love you.
I made a mistake by coming back...just like I had made a mistake by coming 2 yrs back.


  1. Evacuating Soul said...
    I have written a play which is kinda close to this post of urs! My play was called 'honey! Lets Break up'
    Pragati said...
    Oh interesting...
    I have not seen much of your work...but heard a lot about it.
    Would you be putting up "Woman in me" again?
    What happened to "Dogs"?
    Evacuating Soul said...
    Heard abt me!!!! and you know abt DOGS too... thts strange :) I am trying to do more shows of Woman in Me... right now working on the movie script of Woman in me
    Pragati said...
    Oh that's interesting...and not that strange!
    Btw I have done a production too...called Maya. Our play was a week after urs in Alliance.. so thts how i knw abt woman in me.
    And dogs... well I wanted to audition for it..but never could get the time. :(
    hows work on the movie going?
    Evacuating Soul said...
    O! So u were in Maya....

    DOGS... hmmm i did start with it... couldn't find the right actors! My idea was to do a lot of physical theatre to get the point across.... u know it was during tht 'Dogs eating children' days. And then it just died.

    Movie is going on.... its tough to make 'woman in me' into a film script. I so specifically wrote it for stage. But its coming up...

    Maya was by who? Any more plays u guys doing now!?
    Pragati said...
    Maya was my brainchild.
    I wrote the story 2 yrs back :)
    Then sometime mid last yr...decided on making it into a play.

    And yea I played Maya too...cuz I didn't find any other person who fit the role.

    My group is called Take 2. And we intend to stage Maya again. Thats the plan for now.
    Evacuating Soul said...
    hey nice! Writing and all... So do keep me informed when u stage it again. will try n make it! How many people is ur group!?
    Pragati said...
    Will do that.
    Around 10 of us are there.

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