Take 2

The farewell dinners were in full swing this weekend.
We, the people from Take 2 met up last night and decided on our next steps...
1).Me moving out of the city is definitely not the end of our production house.
We will keep doing plays and other things. Maybe short movies as well...

2).Our next play would be a comedy.

3). Nag, Ram and Bhushan will be directors.

4). I will come in the last 2 weeks of our next production.

5).We will be holding fresh auditions for our next production, when our script is ready.

6).We have to devise strategies for motivation and commitment.

Lastly, I will really miss you all.

PS: Do go and watch the next production from "The Scripts" people.
Alexander, the great plays 3 shows on world theatre day (March 27th) @ the Christ Auditorium

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  1. Mostly Sharamless said...

    Heh heh heh...now my imagination is running wild!!!

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