Sometimes it feels like yesterday...

And sometimes it feels like someone else's memory.

Did so much change over the last 4 yrs?

Was it worth it?

Is going back to where you came from worth it?

Yes I am pretty, successful....proud...

But am I happy?

Ms. X returns home.

Finds him...right where she had left him. At the same park we met everyday...

X: "When was the last time you smiled ?" (Tears in her eyes)

Lets name him Y.

Y: "Why? I am you get that?"

X: "Oh..But I have missed you...."

She runs towards him....

Y: "Stop! I am with some one else now. I am sorry."

And that's how the show ends. To watch more of it...pls be tuned.

PS : This has no resemblance to me whatsoever!

When I get back home,

there will be a v few bits and pieces left.

A new life. A new dream. A new beggining and lots of battles to win.


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