No signal point Part 1

She always wanted to be independent. She always imagined flying high.

She decided to leave home....

And she reached this place. People were new, work was new. She got adjusted and worked hard to make it. At times, she asked herself "Why do I need to be here?"

She thought of going back. But something or the other kept her from going.

She had a habit of not answering calls while working, eating. She didn't like to multi task. So she made all calls to the people back home with her cell phone on her way back home. The calls started as soon as she sat inside her cab and use to end while she was looking for the keys. There was a small stretch, which she forgot about every day. The phone used to disconnect at this point. There was never any signal. She hated it, she hated redialing. It happened everyday and she cursed the disconnection every day.

"Ya mom. Sorry the phone got cut again. I don't know why there is no signal in this particular region. It happens everyday"

The same thing repeated and went on for 6 months.

Her mom got used to it. And so did Natasha.

It was a Friday evening. Natasha was late again. She used to get over involved with her work. But she never said that she loved what she did. But everyone around her felt, she was a very passionate person. Truth was she didn't have many friends in the new city and she liked to immerse herself in work. Loneliness gave her the creeps and she was doing a good job of keeping herself away from it.

She was an attractive girl. Loads of guys showed their interest in her.
She liked a few of them. But never dated anyone. She was just scared. That was her nature. She didn't engage in long conversations with her peers and subordinates. She was not uncomfortable; she just had a short attention span.

Natasha missed home badly. She had learnt to cook for herself owing to the fact that she didn't have any close friends. She lived in a studio apartment and had made it look lovely. But no one was ever invited inside it.

Getting back to the Friday evening, where she was late again not TO the office but FROM the office. She had a glass of water, made her hair and decided to go down. She was waiting for the cab looking at the time in her cell phone. After all that was her only friend in the not so new place. Natasha still considered it new.

At the same point, the signal went off. She was all alone in the cab today.
She never called up her mom again this time.


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