Some people come into our lives and leave without warning. They leave impressions on our hearts, on our minds, in our lives…Life doesn’t stop yet it and it doesn’t go on…
One of such people, Maya.

I met Maya 2 years back in the ICU ward. My laptop was my biggest friend that time, I kept writing and Maya became a real person.
I stopped when I got out of Bombay. A competition again gave life to her and I completed a few chapters of the book, not knowing what the end could be…

Just a few months back, my father’s suggestion became my dream.
And I set out to transform the dream to reality. And this is the first time I feel that dreams do come true.

The dream was always running ahead of me. To catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it, that was the miracle.

No dream ever comes true, unless you wake up and realize it.

I did it. I found my Manasi, Karan, Vikram and Maya’s friends. All her friends’ added life to her on stage and the whole lot of people got an opportunity to meet her…meet Maya.

Without a Trace

She was gone. They all had to fight their battles. The following are accounts of three hearts that still weep while others have started to forget.


All the conversations we ever had, the fun times, everything. They just wouldn’t leave me. I always closed my eyes and prayed to god “Please send her back.”
Why didn’t he listen?

It’s tough when his existence becomes a question especially at these times. I was losing faith every day. My father on the other hand had not lost it. He prayed every day and was sure Maya would come back.

I loved her too much. I couldn’t let go. My life couldn’t be normal. I tried but failed. I just couldn’t forget the person I loved the most. I never even tried to. I just wanted her back. The tears rolled down…

I was hopeful and the bell rang again…


It had been so long and we hadn’t found her. That day had turned out to be the worst day in my life. I had lost the biggest joy in my life. There was no way I was ready to give up.

I had hope and when she came back I wanted to be the first one she saw.

I used to dream about her every day. It had been months now. I had been staying in the hotel and my business was suffering. I had the same dream every day. In my dream I was sleeping, she used to wake me up and she looked so beautiful. Just the way she looked when she came after a bath and water droplets fell over my face. I used to wake up and see her face first thing in the morning. I was so happy every time that I woke up with tears in my eyes. I had never cried before this and there hadn’t been a day in the last few months that I didn’t cry. I missed her a lot. I could hear her voice all around me. I didn’t know before this that I loved her so much.
I just closed my eyes and prayed. “God please sent her back.” Like he even knew me. But there was no harm trying it. Maybe he would listen if only he was there.

Manasi’s name flashed on my mobile. It was early morning. Maya must be back. Nervously I answered the phone…Hope lived.


I dreamt I held you in my arms, you were safe
Just the way when you were born
I woke up to tears falling silently.
My heart is heavy and hollow
Can’t bear the grief any longer
Can’t feel the pain today. Have I become so numb?
Please return to me before it too late.
Let me gently hold you in my arms
Just like the day when you were born

I answered the phone and hoped to hear her. But it was the police officer.
There was something important he had found out. Hope lived.

Would she ever come back? That question still dwindles in my mind.
The play was staged in the Alliance française on the 21st of December and it has left me very happy.


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