For the last two weeks, I have been "thin".

Now thin does not always refer to a physical characteristic. This is what I mean by my "thin" :

I have been working on a character in a play and the name of the character is "thin". The play is called "Out at sea" and while the story isn't very great which is a general perspective but it involves 3 very powerful characters namely Fat Medium and Thin.

The transition from me to thin happened very dramatically. I wouldn't get into a detailed character description of Thin. However Thin, well he basically comes across as this loser in one word.

The events that happened in these few days were rather interesting. For starters, I worked too much on this character because of which there came moments when I fell in love with thin. I empathized with him and even became him for moments.

In the play, fat medium and thin are stuck on a raft where there is no food and the whole game revolves around eating one of the 3. Thin being the weakest entity is the most obvious catch here. The important aspects of discovering this character was going beyond the raft. This involved being interviewed as thin, thinking about what thin did on weekends, what he thought about the lunch served, how he would react in different situations. It was an amazing exercise to bring out various layers to this one character. Even I did not know so much about this character if it wasn't for the exercises that I was put through.

Well this was all about the gain from this experience. However there is one thing which came out pretty strongly from this which would be personal change. This character is basically a weak entity and might also have a negative effect especially if the character starts growing on to you. At times you just feel too attached to a person even though this guy was just built out of imagination. Such exercises may play on the human psyche and that kind of scares me. This is something I noticed from my behavior as well when we were told to reverse roles which was impromptu and it then became very difficult for me to shed the thin mask and wear a different one.

Whatever said and done, it was a great experience and every such thing teaches one a lot of things. These moments may sometime be moments of self discovery, truth and most importantly your capabilities.


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