Since I have been home for quite some time now. Have been whiling away a lot of time watching movies. Just a day ago I saw this movie "Live from Baghdad". At the end of it I developed a sense of respect for the profession. If you haven't caught the movie yet, the profession I'm referring to is journalism and basically how powerful and powerless it gets from time to time.

The movie portrays the true story of how brash the CNN producer Robert Wiener (played by Michael Keaton) and his resourceful crew made history, and reported it, during the onset of the 1991 Gulf War. It also presents the challenges of feeding stories to a 24 hour new channel as well as the fierce competition among the 3 huge giants.

The beautiful portrayal of how the crews from various networks decide to flee as soon as the war is announced and how this particular crew though scared decides to stay back and cover the war. The ingenuity, emotions and courage expressed by Weiner and his crew members was commendable and pays off when they relay live reports of the US bombing on Iraq to the entire world.

The performances are brilliant by the entire cast of the HBO motion picture.

There were many instances in the movie where the whole team gets tricked, the news givers themselves became the news. They really started losing it when they could just report it and could not really prevent anything. The situation made these people realize that they were not perfectionists, and they could just talk and that was it. There were many moments of truth. These were the moments when they were powerless and couldn't do anything to help the situation even if they wanted to.I was deeply inspired after watching the movie.

Now now... Don't get me wrong! I'm not jumping into media ;)

Constructive journalism, as we know never hurt anyone. I would say that's what forms each and every perspective that we have on any issue. Whatever we know is a popularized understanding of how they reported it.

I see the power being misused heavily by all the 24 hour networks in our country. Overnight people become great heroes, lot of information is misreporting, news twisted etc. Like we already didn't have the politicians doing a good job at it.

Responsible journalism can do wonders and history would cite many examples of the same. The gulf war story reported by CNN was just one of them.

Journalists need to have a fiber of truth and integrity as importantly as the other factors that are required in the making of a top notch journalist.


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