Saturday, August 19, 2006

Chicago - A Musical Play

So this was supposed to be one of the most memorable plays that I would have ever seen.

Reasons :

a). Dirty dancing was done by the same director

b). The director is someone I have met and I was v v impressed

c). Its a musical n its supposed to have many "dance" sequences!

Conclusion : I was v excited dude!!So I am the first person to reach at 5.55 for a 7.30 show. I get the tickets easily. Whew! I didn't want another othello part 2.

So the tickets were done! The excitement was just building up.... I told my friend I was very hungry. He said, "We have loads of time... Itni jaldi toh hum kabhi exam ke liye nahi pahuche!" :) I had the best masala dosa ever! It was a joint called Shree Sagar in Malleswaram. It was excellent! Please do try it sometime !

Ok so a lot on the build up! We reach the venue... and then begins the play.

I see a lot of cops outside the venue. Well we think maybe there's a lotta checking before we go inside. A girl asks, "Are you here for the play?". I was like "Well yeah!"She said... "Well the play has been cancelled... you can get your refund at the counter."

I was :-(

The reason for cancelling it was obscenity! Oh god it had to be a great play!

So thats about it for this one. A stupid post afterall !


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