There comes a time in life when you need to graduate. Now by this I mean graduate from the morning updates limited to 15 people to the whole wide web!

I am sure those 15 people understand that the web is nomore a better place. But there is a sadistic pleasure now, I am sure you understand.

I am suffering from a disease called jaundice. Also referred to as "Peeliya" in Hindi. I have got a lot of sympathy votes and people are really concerned. I love that.. Keep it going!

So a lot of relatives and elderly people visited me. If you are aware of this disease; it has no cure, the doc would probably prescribe you some tonics for the liver. You need to rest and keep a control on your diet. But then there are 2 kinds of people. The wisemen and the doctors.

The wisemen include my driver, the 2 maids, some relatives shhhh ! So obviously the wisemen have miraculous cures to the deadly disease.

1). Some pandit would hit you with a jhaadu!

2). Go to some temple somewhere and then a woman will keep biting on paan n then when you have a bath the whole "peeliya" would vanish.

3). Chandni chowk has some baba who keeps some awesome jadi butti's but only family packs.

4). And then there is "phitkarri". For this one you don't need to go anywhere, they wash you with something at home only.

These are just the ones I remember from my slumber. And trust me... "Peeliya" will vanish in not more than 2 days, sometimes almost immediately.

Well thankfully I did not listen to the wisemen and am on the road to recovery! But obv keep the concern n sympathy going on.

Important facts :

1). have I become yellow? - NO!!

2). Have I lost weight? - Yeah...

3). Is my hair still frizzy? - Absolutely!

4). Do I miss bangy? - Oh so much!

Ok people that's it for now! Life's beautiful as always!

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  1. ankit said...
    I will take my dad to that chandni chowk wala baba.. .. wil surely let you know if that works ..

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