Posted on Aug 15th, 2006

I saw two very different pieces of drama over the course of 2 days.

One very significant difference being one was black and white and a play and the other was an "X-tra" colorful movie.

The play was Othello by Roysten Abel. The best part about Abel's adaptation of the play was the tension between its reality and the drama. Both seemed to merge very well. It was as they say a play within a play. An Indian theatre company decides to produce "Othello". The director being an "outsider" casts a dark Kathakalli dancer in the lead role. This raises a lot of fury amount the other cast members. The dark moor goes on to fall in love with the leading lady playing Desdemona. The play shifts to reality among the cast performing the play and this part was played most beautifully.

The movie was none other than "KANK". Well I hate to admit it but I wanted to see this one too. :) He pulls the tricks in the trailers and then the music. And people (me included) walk into the theatres hoping for some entertainment. The movie, well one word to describe it as I am good with one liners and one words is "exhaustive"! It goes on n on with no story whatsoever. If you read the fwd which told u the story in words of girl1, boy1, girl2, boy2... Well that was what it was. Nothing more, nothing less.

Performances :

SRK the same as always! But the guy is turning old.. He has nothing left anymore...

Rani looks very pretty, acts very well but then she was boring..

Preity and Aby baby were completely wasted. Why have a big star cast if you don't plan on doing justice to their talent and their brand image.

Such movies do no good to their careers.
Abhishek looks extremely good and carries of his role (whatever lil it was) very well.
Preity didn't have much to prove, and she doesn't do much in any case. But the slap was "o so good". Keep up the good work darling!
Amitabh... Well he is always good. But too much of him all over the place is not very good for anyone.

All in all a nice 2 day.. Getting the tickets of the play was a play in itself. And I mean that literally ;)

And KANK well we were lucky :) I loved the song "Where's the party tonight?"

My dude was there in that one! Oooooo I love straight hair :)

Have fun! Happy independence day! Have a nice week!


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