Most of these boy girl stories start with... "It was a bright sunny day! There was romance in the air.... There was something about the weather that day." Well there was nothing special about this day. Probably the air just smelled of his arrogance and confidence.

I had met him 3 years back. I still remember he looked phenomenal and he was in that room for a singing audition. God knows what I was doing there. I couldn't sing for sure. But then that was his only memory throughout those 3 years. He used to sing. He doesn't anymore.

Forwarding to a time when we got to the talking. It was around the time when I got suffocated by all the air that surrounded him. But still I talked to him, I guess it was one of those reality check sessions. There was something different in the conversations, lil niceness coupled with a variety of frank opinions rather beliefs. Beginning of the conversations, I would always say "Hmmm... Interesting." and by the end of it, "Arghhh I hate this guy!". Didn't know this but he loved me all along this time.

God knows when this hatred turned into love and I was absolutely swept off by my feet. In our life, there is this one moment which you know that the search has to end here and there is no more looking. I had the moment and the times after that were only beautiful. I wish I could have kept that blissful moment elongated for a longer time than it actually did.

Now, present day, I walk a lonely road......Only one that I have ever known :)

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    gosh..intense. whos it about?

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