The most memorable morning mails..

Posted on : 12 July, 2006

Tragedy strikes


5'o clock :Someone somewhere in one part of the country comes out of a room. Tears roll down. Failure sinks in. Walks in the rain to hide the tears.

6 :10 in the eve :Someone somewhere in another part of the same country leaves office very happy to catch the "6 7". A very famous bombay local from the Santa Cruz station. Misses it by 2 minutes. Was irritated and cribs along her way back. A narrow escape from death.

Between 6 and 6.30 :Millions of people in pain and misery. Bomb Blasts, Blood, flesh, devastation!

After 7 :Someone somewhere forgot about her sorrow as soon as she switched on the TV but the depression doesn't leave. But this time the reason was the visuals on the news channel.

The other one lit a "diya" in her small puja. She thanked god.

Rest of the night :

For one the guilt crept in for crying over something stupid.

The other one was just happy to be alive.

Life is too precious people! Just look around and there's always a bigger picture.

Posted on : 8 May, 2006

True Lies

There is truly a fine line between being truthful and lying..Sometimes telling the truth may cause u your life.

Posted on : 19 May, 2006

Its one thing to...Its one thing to take a stand, and pronounce it to the world. It’s a totally different thing to be stuck on it.

Its one thing to love someone. It’s a totally different thing to lose them.

Its one thing to say some shit like "Its better to have loved n lost than to hv never loved at all".It’s a totally different thing to actually fail.

Its one thing to write this. It’s a totally different thing to bore u guys with this bull everyday.

Posted on : 8 Dec, 2005

I wish this date did not exist at all...

Its a sad day today. Too many thoughts... Bottom line.


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