Its time v2

One of the morning mails with nothing really special in it.

From: Me
Sent: Tuesday, 16 May 2006 10:40 AM
Subject: Its time.

I think I will learn to live this way.
Its been 10 yrs 7 days and some hours now… Its time! High time!
Am sorry about yesterdays crappy mail !! And thanks for all the abuses after tht one! Appreciate it (the Oracle way) ;)
Thank you very much people.
Life is beautiful atleast this morning is.
Get well soon to someone special.

The time kept ticking.And then it finally stopped.

There isn't anything special anymore.

I have deleted this post atleast 20 times but everytime I sit down and think of writing.This comes to my mind.

There's nothing special about this one either.

The similar post on the mail could be termed as "Realization".This however is the end of the road to that realization.

Life rocks! (once in a while just once once in a while)


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