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The views and ideas expressed in this blog are purely mine. I know a lot of people who read this will have differing opinions about the whole issue. But this is what I feel and its just a perspective meant to hurt no one.

Ok the whole saga started on the first of june. I have been following the masala story since day Well you know I am pretty "velaa" and well he is cute.

What's wrong in 5 friends sitting at their private residence and getting stoned? We all know that this kind of stuff happens at almost all the parties nowadays. Its a part of life to escape it once in a while. Ok so our boy, was under narcotics that day. The situation went out of hand and the quantity taken actually poisoned the poor guy. I definately do not believe him when he says - "I have never taken drugs in my life before this."

But then at the end of the day. It's all a filthy game. Its a conspiracy getting built up against a 27 year old spoilt brat. In my opinion he did not harm anyone. The only one getting harmed here was him and his family. The drug issue looks like a blanket covering a huge conspiracy.

Cases as big as the Jessica Lal murder or the tandoor case are long lost in the dustbins of no justice. Its no surprise that those people are out in the open, but then Rahul belongs to the same genre(of accessible money and power) and is a tagged villain in this whole issue.

Just think about it. His father just died. He is ill. He is in police remand for 5 days. He got a taste of his own medicine. And now he is stuck in this conspiracy. No one wants to supports the guy, not even BJP.

Maybe I don't understand politics. But I do understand the difference between right and wrong. And this is not fair.


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