It happens. I do these things.

Well it happens. Sometimes just sometimes.

The latest one :

A few reasons

As to why Orkut is so creepy at times. I do believe that it has some some good purpose as well but then that's something am not going to discuss.

Disclaimer : All the examples provided here are absolutely real and authentic. Though they are very old. They weren't just cooked up for the comedy. But well the intention is definitely on the lighter side of things as always. So just read on.

Pick up lines (for friendship?) well ofcourse!

hy this is ***** frm delhi and want to become ur friend and if u r interested to become friendship wid me then plz call me up at %$#^$%&^*!

Ok, so the gentleman here expected my hand for friendship. And he went all out with it.

Orkut Tip # 1 : Please don't use this line ever "Can you do friendship with me?". The answer you will most definitely get is NO!

hey..How r u ?? Just wanna say hi to you..Me in bangalore..28/ r u ..?
drop me with hi from you :)

Orkut Tip # 2 : Bad english can be the biggest turn off.

Its xyz from India here... single sensitive n broadminded.wait for ur mail back..

Orkut tip # 3: This isn't Seriously dude? single sensitive broadminded!!

are u dating someone???

Well if that's the first line. We know what you're all about.

Orkut tip # 4: Avoid it. A simple "hi. How u doing?" couldn't have killed the desperation here.

huw z u?i just happened to browse through your profile and am glad to meet you here!so where are you now?

Were we long lost buds? I have no recollection whatsoever.

Orkut Tip # 5: Never be too pushy! This is the first time you met her!

..Was just passing around ....I think it was just a random search....By the way...Wan be a friend of mine?...

How special was that?! You just took my breath away!

Orkut Tip # 6: Atleast don't tell her you are a despo even if you so are!

May there always be work for your hands to do, may your purse always hold a coin or two. May the sun always shine on your windowpane, may a rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May the hand of a friend always be near you, may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

Ok thanks a lot. Bye!

Orkut Tip # 7: These cheesy quotes stolen from somewhere do not work. Extra sweet is a problem not a quality.

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I would love to make friendship with u, hope the same withu...

Well we talked about this. Just couldn't resist.

No dude! I don't wanna make any kind of friendship with you. :-)

saw ur profile and thought to say hi.more on response...

Well no one really was dying. So nomore on any further communication.

Orkut tip # 8 : Don't ever expect things from the ladies. We don't like that.

Let me be frank.. wanna date??

Obviously not :) Were you expecting some other reply.

Orkut tip # 9 : Please don't be frank. Learn being decent if not smooth.

9 being a nice number for some people would be a good enough reason to stop.

I have many more of those mails from those good ol' orkut days. But then that's about it.

So is the lesson learnt? Well again... Lessons were never meant to be learnt.

I have been off Orkut for quite sometime. Well that's just me. A personal choice!

To all others... Happy scraping!


Well some of them amaze me everyday.

You know the things that they are capable of puzzle me the most.

How could this person do this?I mean like "how???? " The number of times I say "like how???" the more you just wanna kill yourself.

Well lesson learnt. Always expect the unexpected. Or rather better.

Expect nothing.

Cuz the minute you expect a person to be like "that".

He/She would not be like "that" for sure but yes you will definitely get to see some stars in broad daylight.

But these are just lessons.. Like we actually ever learnt anything from the lessons!

This is the breed of people I have been meeting since the last 4 days now! Gosh you guys couldn't have amazed me more!

Kudos! (to all the b********!!)

Drama Queens

There are times when I just want to write for the sake of it.

Well this isn't one of those.. This was something that struck me or rather dumb struck me over an interesting conversation of which I wasn't a part. Maybe that's was made it so interesting. Well at times listening proves helpful.

Aren't all men becoming too much of a woman nowadays?And over here... Am not bringing down women... But the word woman over here is used in the stereo typical way to signify emotions, crying, drama and gossip.

I mean they always blamed women for all these qualities but at the moment... Look at your male friends around. And by that I am talking to the ladies here.Lets take gossiping.. Man! They are worse than us.. You've got to admit that.My male friends more often tell me more rumors and gossips that my girl friends. And this my dear has again become a general perspective.

Come to being emotional.. They do cry. They were better off without the tears ;)They are so much more expressive about their emotions. They question you if you do not reciprocate and need explanations on everything under the sun.

Last but not the least. Being metro sexual is being in. Most of the men, however bizarre it might sound do go for a pedicure, a facial and not just a hair cut to a salon. They care a lot about what they wear. They don't necessarily shy away from the color pink :) The metro sexual look is in and the men are taking care of themselves. I don't see anything wrong in it I in fact love it.

A general feeling and my perspective too states that they are the new age "Drama Queens" whereas women.. Well we are at different levels... We are busy touching the sky!

The intention was keeping the attention on the drama queens but I guess it became a bit woman centric.


For the last two weeks, I have been "thin".

Now thin does not always refer to a physical characteristic. This is what I mean by my "thin" :

I have been working on a character in a play and the name of the character is "thin". The play is called "Out at sea" and while the story isn't very great which is a general perspective but it involves 3 very powerful characters namely Fat Medium and Thin.

The transition from me to thin happened very dramatically. I wouldn't get into a detailed character description of Thin. However Thin, well he basically comes across as this loser in one word.

The events that happened in these few days were rather interesting. For starters, I worked too much on this character because of which there came moments when I fell in love with thin. I empathized with him and even became him for moments.

In the play, fat medium and thin are stuck on a raft where there is no food and the whole game revolves around eating one of the 3. Thin being the weakest entity is the most obvious catch here. The important aspects of discovering this character was going beyond the raft. This involved being interviewed as thin, thinking about what thin did on weekends, what he thought about the lunch served, how he would react in different situations. It was an amazing exercise to bring out various layers to this one character. Even I did not know so much about this character if it wasn't for the exercises that I was put through.

Well this was all about the gain from this experience. However there is one thing which came out pretty strongly from this which would be personal change. This character is basically a weak entity and might also have a negative effect especially if the character starts growing on to you. At times you just feel too attached to a person even though this guy was just built out of imagination. Such exercises may play on the human psyche and that kind of scares me. This is something I noticed from my behavior as well when we were told to reverse roles which was impromptu and it then became very difficult for me to shed the thin mask and wear a different one.

Whatever said and done, it was a great experience and every such thing teaches one a lot of things. These moments may sometime be moments of self discovery, truth and most importantly your capabilities.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Chicago - A Musical Play

So this was supposed to be one of the most memorable plays that I would have ever seen.

Reasons :

a). Dirty dancing was done by the same director

b). The director is someone I have met and I was v v impressed

c). Its a musical n its supposed to have many "dance" sequences!

Conclusion : I was v excited dude!!So I am the first person to reach at 5.55 for a 7.30 show. I get the tickets easily. Whew! I didn't want another othello part 2.

So the tickets were done! The excitement was just building up.... I told my friend I was very hungry. He said, "We have loads of time... Itni jaldi toh hum kabhi exam ke liye nahi pahuche!" :) I had the best masala dosa ever! It was a joint called Shree Sagar in Malleswaram. It was excellent! Please do try it sometime !

Ok so a lot on the build up! We reach the venue... and then begins the play.

I see a lot of cops outside the venue. Well we think maybe there's a lotta checking before we go inside. A girl asks, "Are you here for the play?". I was like "Well yeah!"She said... "Well the play has been cancelled... you can get your refund at the counter."

I was :-(

The reason for cancelling it was obscenity! Oh god it had to be a great play!

So thats about it for this one. A stupid post afterall !

Posted on Aug 15th, 2006

I saw two very different pieces of drama over the course of 2 days.

One very significant difference being one was black and white and a play and the other was an "X-tra" colorful movie.

The play was Othello by Roysten Abel. The best part about Abel's adaptation of the play was the tension between its reality and the drama. Both seemed to merge very well. It was as they say a play within a play. An Indian theatre company decides to produce "Othello". The director being an "outsider" casts a dark Kathakalli dancer in the lead role. This raises a lot of fury amount the other cast members. The dark moor goes on to fall in love with the leading lady playing Desdemona. The play shifts to reality among the cast performing the play and this part was played most beautifully.

The movie was none other than "KANK". Well I hate to admit it but I wanted to see this one too. :) He pulls the tricks in the trailers and then the music. And people (me included) walk into the theatres hoping for some entertainment. The movie, well one word to describe it as I am good with one liners and one words is "exhaustive"! It goes on n on with no story whatsoever. If you read the fwd which told u the story in words of girl1, boy1, girl2, boy2... Well that was what it was. Nothing more, nothing less.

Performances :

SRK the same as always! But the guy is turning old.. He has nothing left anymore...

Rani looks very pretty, acts very well but then she was boring..

Preity and Aby baby were completely wasted. Why have a big star cast if you don't plan on doing justice to their talent and their brand image.

Such movies do no good to their careers.
Abhishek looks extremely good and carries of his role (whatever lil it was) very well.
Preity didn't have much to prove, and she doesn't do much in any case. But the slap was "o so good". Keep up the good work darling!
Amitabh... Well he is always good. But too much of him all over the place is not very good for anyone.

All in all a nice 2 day.. Getting the tickets of the play was a play in itself. And I mean that literally ;)

And KANK well we were lucky :) I loved the song "Where's the party tonight?"

My dude was there in that one! Oooooo I love straight hair :)

Have fun! Happy independence day! Have a nice week!

Exhilarating Experience

The last 3 days have been a wonderful experience.

A year ago I came up with this one liner

*Alcohol makes you forget atleast for those 2 hrs*

You need certain moments to forget about some certain moments.

*This experience made me forget... atleast for those 3 days. *

A large pool of talent all over the 3rd floor, euphoria and excellent performances!

I am still on a high. :)

Its time v2

One of the morning mails with nothing really special in it.

From: Me
Sent: Tuesday, 16 May 2006 10:40 AM
Subject: Its time.

I think I will learn to live this way.
Its been 10 yrs 7 days and some hours now… Its time! High time!
Am sorry about yesterdays crappy mail !! And thanks for all the abuses after tht one! Appreciate it (the Oracle way) ;)
Thank you very much people.
Life is beautiful atleast this morning is.
Get well soon to someone special.

The time kept ticking.And then it finally stopped.

There isn't anything special anymore.

I have deleted this post atleast 20 times but everytime I sit down and think of writing.This comes to my mind.

There's nothing special about this one either.

The similar post on the mail could be termed as "Realization".This however is the end of the road to that realization.

Life rocks! (once in a while just once once in a while)

What if??

Lying around in bed on a warm sunny afternoon.

The rays pierced through the window on my face. I realized I had slept living in his world. The slums... Prabu, Kader bhai...Long way and I will return!

Looked at my cell phone. It was 5.20. Its about time. But I just kept lying there and then the thought struck me...

What if?

What if I was not here?
What if I had never read about that add?
What if I had never come here?
What if I hadn't met all the people that I did?
What if I got through to MBA?
What if I was given up?
What if no one believed in me?
What if I was the only one?
What if I didn't have navi?
What if I was born somewhere else?

The chain continued with loads of questions small and big across the way. It starting working out a small flowchart in my brain. If not this, then this, or maybe this? I guess this was the most complex program I had decided to begin on.

I gave up on the code and there was another question.Did all this happen for a reason? Or was all this just a matter of fact? Or does he really exist?

I told myself again "Its about time".

I decided to sit up. I rubbed my eyes. I looked at the TV screen. There was white noise. I have no idea why ?But I kept staring into it. I was lost again...Somewhere between the crests and troughs of sound and the past.

The cell phone rang. I was late for the movie and It was about time.

The most memorable morning mails..

Posted on : 12 July, 2006

Tragedy strikes


5'o clock :Someone somewhere in one part of the country comes out of a room. Tears roll down. Failure sinks in. Walks in the rain to hide the tears.

6 :10 in the eve :Someone somewhere in another part of the same country leaves office very happy to catch the "6 7". A very famous bombay local from the Santa Cruz station. Misses it by 2 minutes. Was irritated and cribs along her way back. A narrow escape from death.

Between 6 and 6.30 :Millions of people in pain and misery. Bomb Blasts, Blood, flesh, devastation!

After 7 :Someone somewhere forgot about her sorrow as soon as she switched on the TV but the depression doesn't leave. But this time the reason was the visuals on the news channel.

The other one lit a "diya" in her small puja. She thanked god.

Rest of the night :

For one the guilt crept in for crying over something stupid.

The other one was just happy to be alive.

Life is too precious people! Just look around and there's always a bigger picture.

Posted on : 8 May, 2006

True Lies

There is truly a fine line between being truthful and lying..Sometimes telling the truth may cause u your life.

Posted on : 19 May, 2006

Its one thing to...Its one thing to take a stand, and pronounce it to the world. It’s a totally different thing to be stuck on it.

Its one thing to love someone. It’s a totally different thing to lose them.

Its one thing to say some shit like "Its better to have loved n lost than to hv never loved at all".It’s a totally different thing to actually fail.

Its one thing to write this. It’s a totally different thing to bore u guys with this bull everyday.

Posted on : 8 Dec, 2005

I wish this date did not exist at all...

Its a sad day today. Too many thoughts... Bottom line.

After a whole month of being in Delhi, I leave tomorrow. Back from home or Back to home.

My family is here. But my life and my career is there. Its been 7 years in the city.

The trip to Nepal, a 3 day extravaganza was absolutely exhilarating. Loved each moment of it. Everything was excellent starting from the journey, to the food, to the hotel, to the casinos, to the people, to the food, the weather and finally the nebulas currency ;) All in all it was amazing.

I loved the casinos, the last time I was there I was young(like in the 10th grade) and I was only allowed the slot machines. This time there was a lot of exposure. I graduated to the chick games namely black jack, baccarat and roulette. I learnt them quite well, but the learning phase costed me quite a sum which was finally recovered on the last day.

There was one adventure(as my ma would put it) at around 1.40 AM on our 3rd day there. We were playing in Casino Nepal till around 1.15. We took a cab on our way back to the hotel. It was a van I guess. So around 15 minutes from our hotel, mind you we were pretty energetic in the back seat and were counting the money we had lost and the driver announces, "Sahab gaadi se utariye! Tyre puncture". It was a deserted slopey road. Cuz of our noises a few weird looking people stared outta the windows. I am sure they thought we were weird. My aunt n my mom said this isn't a very great time in this country and their advise was "No mastee!" None of us gave it a rats ass. We cherished the moment. It was excellent and filled with jokes. The best part is we have this on video, we even have the footage of the driver!

At the end of the trip, we didn't feel like we lost anything. We were winners all along. All 7 of us. I can be quite an embarrassment at times and I was in full swing on our return. So I did this cheerleading act of "LIFE IS FUN"!! At the Nepal airport. My cousins were happy, the folks ignored it, my sister gave me a slap, people were smiling and some of the people glared. Finally, we landed and after coming out of the customs clean, it seemed as though we left the holiday mood behind. Everyone was ready to get on with the normal. The mobile phones had started buzzing and the Delhi heat began to sink in yet again.

Reality bites!! I get back to normal too from tomorrow. The lovely month with my family is over.

Life goes on... Just a little tough at times.

P.S. : I love Shanataram. I live in his world nowadays.

Most of these boy girl stories start with... "It was a bright sunny day! There was romance in the air.... There was something about the weather that day." Well there was nothing special about this day. Probably the air just smelled of his arrogance and confidence.

I had met him 3 years back. I still remember he looked phenomenal and he was in that room for a singing audition. God knows what I was doing there. I couldn't sing for sure. But then that was his only memory throughout those 3 years. He used to sing. He doesn't anymore.

Forwarding to a time when we got to the talking. It was around the time when I got suffocated by all the air that surrounded him. But still I talked to him, I guess it was one of those reality check sessions. There was something different in the conversations, lil niceness coupled with a variety of frank opinions rather beliefs. Beginning of the conversations, I would always say "Hmmm... Interesting." and by the end of it, "Arghhh I hate this guy!". Didn't know this but he loved me all along this time.

God knows when this hatred turned into love and I was absolutely swept off by my feet. In our life, there is this one moment which you know that the search has to end here and there is no more looking. I had the moment and the times after that were only beautiful. I wish I could have kept that blissful moment elongated for a longer time than it actually did.

Now, present day, I walk a lonely road......Only one that I have ever known :)

Since I have been home for quite some time now. Have been whiling away a lot of time watching movies. Just a day ago I saw this movie "Live from Baghdad". At the end of it I developed a sense of respect for the profession. If you haven't caught the movie yet, the profession I'm referring to is journalism and basically how powerful and powerless it gets from time to time.

The movie portrays the true story of how brash the CNN producer Robert Wiener (played by Michael Keaton) and his resourceful crew made history, and reported it, during the onset of the 1991 Gulf War. It also presents the challenges of feeding stories to a 24 hour new channel as well as the fierce competition among the 3 huge giants.

The beautiful portrayal of how the crews from various networks decide to flee as soon as the war is announced and how this particular crew though scared decides to stay back and cover the war. The ingenuity, emotions and courage expressed by Weiner and his crew members was commendable and pays off when they relay live reports of the US bombing on Iraq to the entire world.

The performances are brilliant by the entire cast of the HBO motion picture.

There were many instances in the movie where the whole team gets tricked, the news givers themselves became the news. They really started losing it when they could just report it and could not really prevent anything. The situation made these people realize that they were not perfectionists, and they could just talk and that was it. There were many moments of truth. These were the moments when they were powerless and couldn't do anything to help the situation even if they wanted to.I was deeply inspired after watching the movie.

Now now... Don't get me wrong! I'm not jumping into media ;)

Constructive journalism, as we know never hurt anyone. I would say that's what forms each and every perspective that we have on any issue. Whatever we know is a popularized understanding of how they reported it.

I see the power being misused heavily by all the 24 hour networks in our country. Overnight people become great heroes, lot of information is misreporting, news twisted etc. Like we already didn't have the politicians doing a good job at it.

Responsible journalism can do wonders and history would cite many examples of the same. The gulf war story reported by CNN was just one of them.

Journalists need to have a fiber of truth and integrity as importantly as the other factors that are required in the making of a top notch journalist.

Grey Areas

The views and ideas expressed in this blog are purely mine. I know a lot of people who read this will have differing opinions about the whole issue. But this is what I feel and its just a perspective meant to hurt no one.

Ok the whole saga started on the first of june. I have been following the masala story since day Well you know I am pretty "velaa" and well he is cute.

What's wrong in 5 friends sitting at their private residence and getting stoned? We all know that this kind of stuff happens at almost all the parties nowadays. Its a part of life to escape it once in a while. Ok so our boy, was under narcotics that day. The situation went out of hand and the quantity taken actually poisoned the poor guy. I definately do not believe him when he says - "I have never taken drugs in my life before this."

But then at the end of the day. It's all a filthy game. Its a conspiracy getting built up against a 27 year old spoilt brat. In my opinion he did not harm anyone. The only one getting harmed here was him and his family. The drug issue looks like a blanket covering a huge conspiracy.

Cases as big as the Jessica Lal murder or the tandoor case are long lost in the dustbins of no justice. Its no surprise that those people are out in the open, but then Rahul belongs to the same genre(of accessible money and power) and is a tagged villain in this whole issue.

Just think about it. His father just died. He is ill. He is in police remand for 5 days. He got a taste of his own medicine. And now he is stuck in this conspiracy. No one wants to supports the guy, not even BJP.

Maybe I don't understand politics. But I do understand the difference between right and wrong. And this is not fair.

There comes a time in life when you need to graduate. Now by this I mean graduate from the morning updates limited to 15 people to the whole wide web!

I am sure those 15 people understand that the web is nomore a better place. But there is a sadistic pleasure now, I am sure you understand.

I am suffering from a disease called jaundice. Also referred to as "Peeliya" in Hindi. I have got a lot of sympathy votes and people are really concerned. I love that.. Keep it going!

So a lot of relatives and elderly people visited me. If you are aware of this disease; it has no cure, the doc would probably prescribe you some tonics for the liver. You need to rest and keep a control on your diet. But then there are 2 kinds of people. The wisemen and the doctors.

The wisemen include my driver, the 2 maids, some relatives shhhh ! So obviously the wisemen have miraculous cures to the deadly disease.

1). Some pandit would hit you with a jhaadu!

2). Go to some temple somewhere and then a woman will keep biting on paan n then when you have a bath the whole "peeliya" would vanish.

3). Chandni chowk has some baba who keeps some awesome jadi butti's but only family packs.

4). And then there is "phitkarri". For this one you don't need to go anywhere, they wash you with something at home only.

These are just the ones I remember from my slumber. And trust me... "Peeliya" will vanish in not more than 2 days, sometimes almost immediately.

Well thankfully I did not listen to the wisemen and am on the road to recovery! But obv keep the concern n sympathy going on.

Important facts :

1). have I become yellow? - NO!!

2). Have I lost weight? - Yeah...

3). Is my hair still frizzy? - Absolutely!

4). Do I miss bangy? - Oh so much!

Ok people that's it for now! Life's beautiful as always!

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