Moving on.....

I had huge motives from the time I finished engineering to join a B school. Every effort of mine had turned futile, owing to my half heartedness, reasons and lack of effort. I had no experience but still somehow I wanted to do it.

It wasn't meant to be that time... Well thank God for that!
I moved on with life and away from family in the small IT city. Did well and completed a good 4 year in this industry.

Today I am happy that I will be starting up with my MBA very soon.
Sooner than I could have imagined.... I hope I love every moment of this 1 yr and gain from the experience. I hope you all would wish me luck.

Before I forget I will be joining SP Jain GMBA prgm which keeps me in dubai for 6 months and then in Singapore for another 6 months. I will definitely miss India... my family and friends. But then 1 year is a short time.. and I promise you all that I'll be back a better person.

I do feel nervous.
Oh yes I do!

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  1. prem2103 said...
    Nice crisp summary of the overall process...quite akin to my fact throughout the process I had the vague feeling that the whole thing was pretty farcical :-)

    Hey same guy you scrapped on orkut..I got a deferral to Dec, but couldn't reply back as you've apparently turned off scrapping priveleges to ward off unwanted customers :-P

    Anyways I'm reachable on

    Loved all the pics :-)


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