The entire SP Jain experience has been postponed by close to 8 months.
Now that's a long time...

Things might change...
People might change....
Situtations might change....

Happy 1 day to the weekend!

I don't have much to say....

Before my evaluation round, I searched a lot of blogs and forums on what exactly happens there. I did not come across much help on the web. I decided on being helpful on the entire application and evaluation process for the Dec intake. The May intake has been completed and yes I'll be leaving very soon.

Application process :

Anyone having a strong application (which obv translates to a good CAT/GMAT score, work ex, good acad and extra curriculars) should definitely apply. There is no application fee till you actually get shortlisted. So go ahead....

If you get shortlisted, plan a weekend in Mumbai and a one day leave from office.
I had a wonderful weekend and fell in love with Mumbai yet again! Thanks to Yoshu and Tanu.

Coming to the process :

1). Please oh please dress up in formals.
And gals.... chudidars and salwars are not formal dresses! For guys, ties are a must...the blazer however isn't since it's a hot city.

2). It's going to be a long day, so the nervousness if there is any...leaves you after sometime. The complete process is really long and does get to you.

3). You are made to write 3 essays and are required to submit a folder with your details.
My essays were :
i). An important task that you couldn't accomplish. How did it change and affect you?
ii). An important task you accomplished. What did you learn out of it?
iii). You are heading a new business operation. What are the steps reqd acc to you, which would result in global success?

By now, hopefully you would have made a couple of friends... and you hope to see a few faces if you get there! I made quite a few friends... but I knew...most of them weren't gonna get there!

4). GD
Before the GD, the 7 people in my group interacted quite a bit. There was one guy who was mumb and surprisingly he spoke the most inside that tiny room! Back stabber!!!!
And yea....the topic was "Should India invest in aggriculture?"
Everyone agreed and the argument wasn't very heated up. We came to a lot of great points and solutions. Everyone got a chance to speak and it was a nice GD. But yeah...the topic sucked!

Between the rounds there's a lot of waiting. Lke lots and lots of it !
That is definitely the worst part of this day... be patient. What more can I say. Afterall, I am not a very patient person. Getting on with this...

5). First panel interview :
This was the best part. The most fabulous part ever... I loved it !!
There was a mam and a sir. Both tried to stress me out. I smiled and gave it back to them. Finally, Sir jee smiled and it seemed like he had smiled after ages. The interview lasted around 10 mins if not more.

Questions :
1). Tell me about yourself.
2). Work related questions (like loads of them)
3). Why an international MBA
4). US recession

After this I was told to wait. I was handed a feedback form and was made to wait for the last round of interview with the Dean (in other words the Big Boss)! Loads of people don't even get to this round, and I think it's a reject if theydon't get through to this one. However, I ain't that sure about that.

6). Interview with the Dean :

He asks you very HR related questions. He hardly ever looks at you.
Keeps noting down things and you harly realize when your 10 mins with him get over.

It was a wonderful experience.... I called up my folks and told them this "Even if I don't make it, I am glad I came here. "

It's another thing that I made it.
The million dollar question...
"Yes I am joining...!!"

Moving on.....

I had huge motives from the time I finished engineering to join a B school. Every effort of mine had turned futile, owing to my half heartedness, reasons and lack of effort. I had no experience but still somehow I wanted to do it.

It wasn't meant to be that time... Well thank God for that!
I moved on with life and away from family in the small IT city. Did well and completed a good 4 year in this industry.

Today I am happy that I will be starting up with my MBA very soon.
Sooner than I could have imagined.... I hope I love every moment of this 1 yr and gain from the experience. I hope you all would wish me luck.

Before I forget I will be joining SP Jain GMBA prgm which keeps me in dubai for 6 months and then in Singapore for another 6 months. I will definitely miss India... my family and friends. But then 1 year is a short time.. and I promise you all that I'll be back a better person.

I do feel nervous.
Oh yes I do!

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