One of the most inspirational stories of my life knocked my ear in one of the most unexpected ways. Now the reason I say ear is because of hearing it on the radio.

I am not a big fan of women's liberation. I never was, I don't think I would ever be. So this post definitely doesn't revolve around that.

I heard the interview of the woman who started it all. Her name is Revati Roy. The way she started it was rather stupid. Her reason wasn't a movement supporting and assuring the security of women. It was for one simple reason - she loved to drive.

One very important thing out of this that everyone knows and I still believe it to be one of the most profound statements ever made, "Do what you love for a living, and you wouldn't hate Monday mornings again!"
I am not sure if the statement goes like this or probably it's just my version.

An observation, I would look forward to a Monday morning if I loved what I did.
I have loved Monday mornings in life when I travelled in Route no. 16 cuz of the 3 stooges (Tushar, Naman and Nagendra). I have also loved Monday mornings, cuz I would see him after an entire day.

This is beside the point. The point is I still hate Mondays.
There's something definitely going wrong.

Coming back to ForShe, the woman went through a bad phase in her life. But again I am not going to elaborate on it, sometime God just gives you the determination and some great words give you inspiration. What is remarkable about her story is, there was just this thought, but there was no money, no office and no cars to begin with. But today, she has an entire training academy, a fully fledged service operating in Mumbai and now starting up in Delhi. The woman, who did not have a landline of her own, now has an entire call centre. All this in just one year. There were beautiful hurdles, but then it’s her story it’s much better from her own mouth.

Again, I don't attribute much to determination and inspiration.
But I do believe in one thing, that in life if one decides on doing something and is 100% sure of it. Most of the work is done. The best part is : there is no fear. And there is no fear, cuz you don't even know what might come in your way. It's like sitting on a roller coaster, not expecting how the ride might turn out. But once you have a mission and have set out, there are tons of people that support you. It might sound very political, but it's not. I have seen it happening, right in front of me when I set out making MAYA. It would have remained a dream, if not for the support of the people and friends.

One of the things my friend told me was...just take it one step at a time, forgetting about the titanic task ahead of you and you will be just about fine.
I am not going to ask any of you people to do that, cuz it’s not my place.

I was inspired and I am all charged to do something on my own again. However small it may be.
After all, someone once told me.... I was born to do things differently :)


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