A painfully honest story

It's not a new book.
No its not.

I know most of you have read it. I am talking about the Kite runner.
I don't even know if people stumble over this page. But one day, I will come back to it, and have a good laugh. When it becomes like a diary, and I read it out to "jhoom". She'll be proud of me. Won't she be?

The book is brilliant. If I may say so, the word I just used falls short of saying how good it is!
Its THAT good.

I learnt a lot about Afghanistan, the Talibs and the efforts and trauma that a lot of people went through. The book sometimes brings tears to you eyes, as all the descriptions come alive as if such animosity was happening right in front of you.

I fell in love with Hassan and his truthfulness. Even though he isn't there for most parts of the book, his presence is felt in every act performed by Amir. Sohrab recreates what Hassan leaves behind. Life doesn't stop, yet it doesn't go on.

I am unwell and in bed for the past 4.5 days now.
This book gave my leaves a purpose. It made me smile at times with Amir and brought tears to my eyes at various points.

It's a must read. People say that Khalid's second book is also about Afghanistan and is even better. I wanna wait. I don't want this affect to wear off so soon.

PS : I am gonna patch up on my 5 yr relationship with Shantaram...Errr....very soon.


  1. Anonymous said...
    i'm still waiting for you to return the book!!!
    Anonymous said...
    Now you can take it macha :)

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