Jab we MET

While watching the movie for the 3 and half'th time, I had this thought.

When I have children, I won't have a wonderful story like these 2 about me and him to tell them.
When we met, there was no train, there was no adventure, there was no Ratlam and there was Hotel Descent !! How I wish there were those things....but these things only happen on screen. And that too rarely....How often do movies come that make you just fall in love with them. I had lost the faith in Indian cinema...but then came Jab we met.

I am not going to get into the story. After all, a review is supposed to have that part. But then who hasn't seen the movie...!! If you are reading this and you haven't.... Pls book your tickets now. Its still running in PVR ;-)

The music is fantastic. I love each song more than the previous one.
My favorite being "Aaoge Jab tum..."
And this time while watching the movie me and Adi...were actually copying all the steps of "mauja hi mauja" and dancing.

The very strange part is that this is the first time I saw chemistry between this off screen couple. They both look absolutely made for each other. And when people finally realize that and get over the bull shit like Kareena looks like his mommy. She had to go and dump him ! How sleazy was that! Wish they would get back together!...Shhhh.... Gossip gossip!

He went for some shooting abroad, and when he came back he found himself with the tag no better than "Single and ready to mingle" Tch Tch!

Shahid....I am there for you...Just look around ! ;-)
All girls love him after the movie, and the sympathy we give after he has gotten dumped makes him more popular than bebo.

I can't believe I covered an entire para on their breakup. I am no less into it !
Well if all the news channels can focus their attention on it for at least a week with specials on Shahid Kareena...Why shouldn't I care for adding spice to drag some visitors to my blog ;-)

I love Kareena's wardrobe. She has lost a lot of weight and is looking stunning in just about anything in the movie.
Shahid, has a more sophisticated look and buoy can he dance!!

All in all, a super non complicated flick.

Do watch it if you haven't yet....and if you have...go again!


  1. Anonymous said...
    The hotel decent scene and the "ganne ki kheth"..and so many more were just awesome!

    Kareena - fits the role perfectly, just had to be herself in the movie.
    Shahid - great dancer, good acting too!

    and cmon how can you lose faith in bollywood so quick? even without this one there are tons of other good movies.
    Anonymous said...
    I beg to differ that "baarish ka girna" and "bijli ka damakna" happens only in movies ;)

    BTW, the JWM DVD is now available. If you wish, you can borrow it from me :)
    Mostly Sharamless said...
    "I had lost the faith in Indian cinema...but then came Jab we met."

    Ever heard of this chappie called 'Guru Dutt'?
    Anonymous said...
    @Goldy : No no...it does happen in real life.
    He met her in the train...
    I met him in the bus ;)

    @ku klutz klan : i was talkin abt no good movies in 2007. I haven't lost any faith in indian cinema and the good ol' yester years!
    Anonymous said...
    It's an over rated movie . It became a hit just because its so simple and different. Shahid is a restrained, mellowed down actor who underplays his role wondefully and Kareen as her usal self is chirpy and hyoper active. Muisc is the best part of the movie, wonderful songs well comp[osed and well rednered.

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