Who do we look good for?

An article on this featured the latest Sunday review of the times.

Interesting perspectives on people from the entertainment industry.

What interests me the most today is being diplomatic is so not in !! The "in" thing is to blatantly admit the truth or sometimes even make up something not that "priestly" to catch attention.
No one wants any idols and Teresa's over the place. What has more entertainment value is frankness and having the guts to own up to the fact "that yes we are human". And after all nobody is perfect. Except for me of course... I am nobody ;) Sorry!!

Anyways getting back to the point of who do we wanna look good for? In other words who do we try and impress?

Let me first put down my take on it before pointing fingers at the others which I will most def do.

I never really put thought into it. It was always like there are a few days I put a lil effort to look good, a few when I just say "what the heck!" and the rest are just vanilla. As far as people go,

Men - general public i.e men u don't know - Well some always stare. Be it any of these 3 situations. So its def not for them.

Men - the ones u know. OK yeah maybe... if he's someone special.. and you might wanna catch his attention. But then he puts you off and says , "Well I didn't even notice.. u always look good."
Boo hoo ! So it shouldn't be them.
But shoulda woulda coulda we still do it ! :)

Women - again the ones u dunno - caught a bitchy look? Woah! My day is made! I am def looking rocking. So this is more fun than anything! Its some thing called self gratification.

Women - now coming to the ones you know. Well if they are your very good friends. Its an honest opinion and its always taken as a compliment. If they aren't your v close pals and just acquaintances or just a girl who looks at you from the corner of her eye. A criticism or a sad piece of humour from them, implies that you are looking stunning baby! So just don't even think twice.

So obviously sad but true, not only me but most of the women dress for the other women(more often than not). We are weird. A wise man once told me,"You spend so much money on foot wear. We don't even notice it." That wise man was my dad. And yet I never stopped buying footwear. I know one thing and that is that I notice it.

I guess I have harped a lot. Sometimes I don't understand how I can write so much about such "irrelevant" topics! Well as you can see, I can :)

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  1. D.A.N.D.Y said...
    just coz i notice wot women wear, doesn't mean that m one of them....;)

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