Also known as poison for the people here who didn't know.

What can it do?

Instant death or slow death.

What is better?

One thing is for sure, no one would survive.

My question... my friend?
What is better?
Instant death or slow death?

Instant... no idea of what happened.
Slow - test of torture

Is this symbolic?
If it is... wouldn't it be more painful?

Yes it is symbolic.
Yes it is more painful.

Is this a test?
Maybe a bitter sweet symphony.

Will you be alive once its over?

Let it be over first.

But what would come first?

Being over or being dead.

A harmful post after all. Harmful to the mind.
Yes people life is beautiful. Its just not harmless all the time.

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  1. Unknown said...
    what was this?

    and y hav u disallowed anon comms?
    Its much more fun.

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