The Wall

The famous pics from the very famous wall....

Really really miss it.
Cant blv the amount of hardwork, patience and passion that I put into this.
And now they are just lying there....

Wasted !! All 581 of them.....

Someday.... you will be back on the walls....................
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Old memories

All day staring at the ceiling...
Making friends with shadows on the wall....
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Ram Gopal Varma started the genre. He started glorifying gangsters and criminals. Everyone followed.

Another movie came out last friday. Nothing special about it either. Not cuz the movie lacked anything, but for the plain fact that such things have been done time and again.

The story as the name says is about the famous Shoot out @ Lokhandwala in Mumbai. The story is old and has been made before as well. The events took place in November,1991. I would still not base it as some heroic attempt of the police department. It was easy, they didn't track these people. They were barely puppets in the hands of the DON. He wanted them out of his way, and the Mumbai Police Dpt. were a part of his game.

So when people make sucha movie... What are they trying to glorify? Or are they even trying on a message here?

If the message is : At the end of the day, good wins and these guys collapse!
Not really right? The good here.. was just a mere puppet and the bad... well the evil still exists!
If he is glorifying these extremely stylish criminals then its just a pathetic lesson for one and all.

On a lighter note, Vivek is the best part about the movie. He looks good. More than good. He looks fabulous in these gangster roles and has given a good performance after long.
Fashion Advice : Check out the jeans fit... it is fab! If you get to know the make and model... please post it here as a comment.
A huge star cast with very short roles. Abhishek is present for a few seconds. Amitabh is marvellous for a few minutes of his part. Sanjay Dutt has always been flawless. The Khan brother is uninteresting and so is Suneil Shetty. The spelling change brought him nothing but ill fortune. Tushar is nothing but funny as a gangster. He fails to deliver a dialogue with any conviction.

The movie has got an awesome background score. Am still trying to find it. Leave a comment if you find it. Goes something like...."huuuuummmm .... now or never!!" The songs are absolute garbage. The expressions however while dancing to them are superb. "Aye ganpat... chal daroo la..." is the tolerable one! Here's the video :

If I were to direct the movie... I wouldn't have pulled it for so long and would have gotten directly to the point. Make documentaries guys... why waste big movie stars on trivial puppet shows!

All in all... a good movie. A well directed venture, good performances, score but def no story or plot! No point whatsoever.

The sad part however, there are just NO freaking good movies being made this year. Its almost June....

Just a little heads up on the post below....

This is something that I had written. A draft of the first few chapters of Maya.

I intend on putting it here.... but just wanna take it slow.

I used to write a lot...

Somewhere along the way... came Maya...

A few pages from the many chapters that I wrote.


Does a song ever touch you that deeply?

Some do... When I'm living in your afterglow.

INXS lost Michael and selected JD Fortune as their lead voice. I wondered if he would ever live upto it. I don't know about that...

Getting to the song:

The song became so important

Wonder why I never paid heed when I was introduced to it time and again by close friends.

Well Manavi has a way with influence.

Can't believe I would have heard it as much as Kangna(unplugged). There is no reason. Kangna had all the reasons.

Can't believe its become our favorite. The our refers to my cousin and me.

Can't believe someone can be so hot! Yes Ladies and gentlemen ... I present to you JD Fortune. Gift to all kinds.

Can't believe the video lived upto the song. This almost never happens. Check it out...

Can't believe something could have been more haunting than "Walk on". I am on "Ganja" without even knowing it.

Can't believe I would admit that JD was the right choice and not Marty Casey!

Well a whole write up dedicated to one song!

It must be good...

The song : Download it !!


The image could not be's here... somewhere!

Wallpaper for a long time?? ;-)
Touch me and I will follow in your afterglow
Heal me from all this sorrowAs I let you go
I will find my way
I will sacrifice 'til the blinding day when I see your eyes
Now I'm living in your afterglow

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