Budapest Photo Diary

The first picture is outside the church (St. Basillica).
The most lovey part about Europe (Eastern and Western) are these performances!
Wherever you go, talent follows!
Second picture is the famous bridge.
Giving you more heads up on that, remember "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam"
Rem the scene when Ash runs on the bridge!
Well this is the bridge, they shot the movie in Budapest and tagged it as Italy!
Third picture is a restaurant called "Robinson's"....It's owned by Robbie Williams.
Someone in the SAP office said that...God knows if that is true.
But yea...It was beautiful on a Sunday afternoon.
The cruise...Ah!
Fifth one...Hero's square!
Gotta be there to feel the magic.
I forgot the name of this famous roman church. It had a lot of history to it!
And the guide was extremely pakao!! :(
The last one is the parliament.
I thought it was OK, my colleague has a 100 shots of it...and I am not kidding.
Now comes the good part.
All pics were taken with my cellphone!
Yes you heard it right...Samsung SGH 600 !
And not a fancy yea I am the editing!
The pics were edited using Picassa!
Just added a bit of magic!
Well all photographers do it, the ones who don't are not photographers! ;)
Tips on Editing:
Color temperature
Light quality
Maybe an effect (but rarely)

Now that you all learnt a great lesson today!
Tell me how do I add text between the pics....This freaking (you all know I don't use bad words in print) blog doesn't allow me to do so!!
So comments pls!!


  1. Anonymous said...
    yeah buskers are something unique in europe. I too had some awesome pics of Europe, the churches, rivers, sights and sounds.. and all gone thanks to no backup!
    u seem to be a total picasa pro! pics look great! but end of the day nothing to beat a good dig cam...
    Pragati said...
    You know my dig worse!
    I have a Nikon...Cool Pix...and no picture I ever took with it...has come out good...

    So maybe..I bought a lousy cam or i need to learn the settings!
    Anonymous said...
    No. I don't edit any of my photos
    Mostly Sharamless said...
    ..and to jog your memory, "this famous roman church" is the Matthias Church - remember Sallu singing "Tadap Tadap Ke Is Dil Se" from HDDCS?

    - your colleague who has 100 pics of that building. And I'm not kidding
    Pragati said...
    mr ku klutz klan

    you have a superb cam... which cannot be compared to our modest attempts at photography... but do try editing...when u hv a bad cam...and u want a good pic ! ;-)

    when will we go to budapest again :( sob sob! i miss the boys ;)

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