Farida Khanum is also known as Malika-e-gazal (The Queen of Gazals)
It is the most beautiful and romantic gazal I have ever come across.
I have been in love with it for years.

For people who have heard it, salaam to Farida.
For those who haven't, fall in love with it.


I see it.
I see the sadness in your eyes.
I know you want to run away from the truth.
Not right now...
Not when its staring right into your face.
Wipe those tears.
Pick up the fallen pieces.
Come back to life.
And bring us to life...
Cuz I love you.
Yes I don't understand..
But the pain multiplies to stare into those eyes.
Yes, the same eyes.
I see you and I see it.

It's not a new book.
No its not.

I know most of you have read it. I am talking about the Kite runner.
I don't even know if people stumble over this page. But one day, I will come back to it, and have a good laugh. When it becomes like a diary, and I read it out to "jhoom". She'll be proud of me. Won't she be?

The book is brilliant. If I may say so, the word I just used falls short of saying how good it is!
Its THAT good.

I learnt a lot about Afghanistan, the Talibs and the efforts and trauma that a lot of people went through. The book sometimes brings tears to you eyes, as all the descriptions come alive as if such animosity was happening right in front of you.

I fell in love with Hassan and his truthfulness. Even though he isn't there for most parts of the book, his presence is felt in every act performed by Amir. Sohrab recreates what Hassan leaves behind. Life doesn't stop, yet it doesn't go on.

I am unwell and in bed for the past 4.5 days now.
This book gave my leaves a purpose. It made me smile at times with Amir and brought tears to my eyes at various points.

It's a must read. People say that Khalid's second book is also about Afghanistan and is even better. I wanna wait. I don't want this affect to wear off so soon.

PS : I am gonna patch up on my 5 yr relationship with Shantaram...Errr....very soon.


Hapiness scares me
It scared Amir's mom as well....
When you get too much of it...
It is an indication to something horrible about to happen.
Don't give me too much hapiness god.
I fear it.


I stare into your eyes
I see the same fear creeping in
You tell me
It will be fine.
I nod.
We smile at each other and embrace.
But we know what the next day holds...
We know what our futue holds...
There is an unspoken understanding between us.
An unspoken never ending love.

Random crapping

I fall down
I muster up the courage to get up.
I see you.
I call out your name. You keep walking...
Is it too late?
Or have you gone deaf?
I run behind you.
I lose you in the crowd.
I fall down.
I can't get up again.
I don't want to.


I saw this very interesting tool known as the autoviewer to develop a page for all you photographers to showcase their work.

It looks absolutely brilliant.

It might be very useful for Vikas. Try it dude!

Here's the Link :

I have made a page using this as well.
But all the pictures used are not mine. And not "oh so great"!

If I do come up with something marvellous before you, I shall publish it.

Whenever I miss you
I look forward to a new day...
Whenever my heart aches
I tell it to relax....just a few more hours
But once time flies past
And the days pass
I miss you
And Tomorrow.
Time doesn't fly.
Yet it doesn't stop.
Where is the new day now?
Where are the few more hours now?

The first picture is outside the church (St. Basillica).
The most lovey part about Europe (Eastern and Western) are these performances!
Wherever you go, talent follows!
Second picture is the famous bridge.
Giving you more heads up on that, remember "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam"
Rem the scene when Ash runs on the bridge!
Well this is the bridge, they shot the movie in Budapest and tagged it as Italy!
Third picture is a restaurant called "Robinson's"....It's owned by Robbie Williams.
Someone in the SAP office said that...God knows if that is true.
But yea...It was beautiful on a Sunday afternoon.
The cruise...Ah!
Fifth one...Hero's square!
Gotta be there to feel the magic.
I forgot the name of this famous roman church. It had a lot of history to it!
And the guide was extremely pakao!! :(
The last one is the parliament.
I thought it was OK, my colleague has a 100 shots of it...and I am not kidding.
Now comes the good part.
All pics were taken with my cellphone!
Yes you heard it right...Samsung SGH 600 !
And not a fancy cam....so yea I am the genius....at editing!
The pics were edited using Picassa!
Just added a bit of magic!
Well all photographers do it, the ones who don't are not photographers! ;)
Tips on Editing:
Color temperature
Light quality
Maybe an effect (but rarely)

Now that you all learnt a great lesson today!
Tell me how do I add text between the pics....This freaking (you all know I don't use bad words in print) blog doesn't allow me to do so!!
So comments pls!!

Jab we MET

While watching the movie for the 3 and half'th time, I had this thought.

When I have children, I won't have a wonderful story like these 2 about me and him to tell them.
When we met, there was no train, there was no adventure, there was no Ratlam and there was Hotel Descent !! How I wish there were those things....but these things only happen on screen. And that too rarely....How often do movies come that make you just fall in love with them. I had lost the faith in Indian cinema...but then came Jab we met.

I am not going to get into the story. After all, a review is supposed to have that part. But then who hasn't seen the movie...!! If you are reading this and you haven't.... Pls book your tickets now. Its still running in PVR ;-)

The music is fantastic. I love each song more than the previous one.
My favorite being "Aaoge Jab tum..."
And this time while watching the movie me and Adi...were actually copying all the steps of "mauja hi mauja" and dancing.

The very strange part is that this is the first time I saw chemistry between this off screen couple. They both look absolutely made for each other. And when people finally realize that and get over the bull shit like Kareena looks like his mommy. She had to go and dump him ! How sleazy was that! Wish they would get back together!...Shhhh.... Gossip gossip!

He went for some shooting abroad, and when he came back he found himself with the tag no better than "Single and ready to mingle" Tch Tch!

Shahid....I am there for you...Just look around ! ;-)
All girls love him after the movie, and the sympathy we give after he has gotten dumped makes him more popular than bebo.

I can't believe I covered an entire para on their breakup. I am no less into it !
Well if all the news channels can focus their attention on it for at least a week with specials on Shahid Kareena...Why shouldn't I care for adding spice to drag some visitors to my blog ;-)

I love Kareena's wardrobe. She has lost a lot of weight and is looking stunning in just about anything in the movie.
Shahid, has a more sophisticated look and buoy can he dance!!

All in all, a super non complicated flick.

Do watch it if you haven't yet....and if you have...go again!


The meaning : A group of attendants or followers (Drama, Eric and turtle)

The male version of SATC finally comes out.

Well after years of we women ruling it....finally !!

Metro sexual males have been the IN thing for quite sometime now.

The show takes a look at the day-to-day life of Vincent (Vince) Chase, a hot young actor in modern-day Hollywood, and his entourage. The guys have become used to the stardom and Vince will keep his career alive and climbing with the help of best bud Eric and agent Arnie. That's the plot or whatever and it remains pretty stagnant throughout!

The show is eye candy when it comes to the great looks, places, sex, babes, dudes, fowl language... It's all about "LIVING IT UP" and I am a firm believer of that...so I most definately loved it. I watched 8 episodes which was basically the entire I season in 1 go...with a few unmissable breaks.... Thanks for disturbing -(pee, adi, mom, shetty......... ) ;-)
Vince is a greek god
Though I love love Eric or E or whatever!

Sneak peaks :

Forgotten world

Do you people like this template....
Oh well....this is forgotten land....gottA revive it !!

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