What if??

Lying around in bed on a warm sunny afternoon.

The rays pierced through the window on my face. I realized I had slept living in his world. The slums... Prabu, Kader bhai...Long way and I will return!

Looked at my cell phone. It was 5.20. Its about time. But I just kept lying there and then the thought struck me...

What if?

What if I was not here?
What if I had never read about that add?
What if I had never come here?
What if I hadn't met all the people that I did?
What if I got through to MBA?
What if I was given up?
What if no one believed in me?
What if I was the only one?
What if I didn't have navi?
What if I was born somewhere else?

The chain continued with loads of questions small and big across the way. It starting working out a small flowchart in my brain. If not this, then this, or maybe this? I guess this was the most complex program I had decided to begin on.

I gave up on the code and there was another question.Did all this happen for a reason? Or was all this just a matter of fact? Or does he really exist?

I told myself again "Its about time".

I decided to sit up. I rubbed my eyes. I looked at the TV screen. There was white noise. I have no idea why ?But I kept staring into it. I was lost again...Somewhere between the crests and troughs of sound and the past.

The cell phone rang. I was late for the movie and It was about time.


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