Drama Queens

There are times when I just want to write for the sake of it.

Well this isn't one of those.. This was something that struck me or rather dumb struck me over an interesting conversation of which I wasn't a part. Maybe that's was made it so interesting. Well at times listening proves helpful.

Aren't all men becoming too much of a woman nowadays?And over here... Am not bringing down women... But the word woman over here is used in the stereo typical way to signify emotions, crying, drama and gossip.

I mean they always blamed women for all these qualities but at the moment... Look at your male friends around. And by that I am talking to the ladies here.Lets take gossiping.. Man! They are worse than us.. You've got to admit that.My male friends more often tell me more rumors and gossips that my girl friends. And this my dear has again become a general perspective.

Come to being emotional.. They do cry. They were better off without the tears ;)They are so much more expressive about their emotions. They question you if you do not reciprocate and need explanations on everything under the sun.

Last but not the least. Being metro sexual is being in. Most of the men, however bizarre it might sound do go for a pedicure, a facial and not just a hair cut to a salon. They care a lot about what they wear. They don't necessarily shy away from the color pink :) The metro sexual look is in and the men are taking care of themselves. I don't see anything wrong in it I in fact love it.

A general feeling and my perspective too states that they are the new age "Drama Queens" whereas women.. Well we are at different levels... We are busy touching the sky!

The intention was keeping the attention on the drama queens but I guess it became a bit woman centric.

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  1. dev said...
    quite true. I hear there was an SRK ad where he was in a bath tub with petals and all.. for an FMCG ad? a brand like SRK can easily trigger the metro sexual wave.

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