After a whole month of being in Delhi, I leave tomorrow. Back from home or Back to home.

My family is here. But my life and my career is there. Its been 7 years in the city.

The trip to Nepal, a 3 day extravaganza was absolutely exhilarating. Loved each moment of it. Everything was excellent starting from the journey, to the food, to the hotel, to the casinos, to the people, to the food, the weather and finally the nebulas currency ;) All in all it was amazing.

I loved the casinos, the last time I was there I was young(like in the 10th grade) and I was only allowed the slot machines. This time there was a lot of exposure. I graduated to the chick games namely black jack, baccarat and roulette. I learnt them quite well, but the learning phase costed me quite a sum which was finally recovered on the last day.

There was one adventure(as my ma would put it) at around 1.40 AM on our 3rd day there. We were playing in Casino Nepal till around 1.15. We took a cab on our way back to the hotel. It was a van I guess. So around 15 minutes from our hotel, mind you we were pretty energetic in the back seat and were counting the money we had lost and the driver announces, "Sahab gaadi se utariye! Tyre puncture". It was a deserted slopey road. Cuz of our noises a few weird looking people stared outta the windows. I am sure they thought we were weird. My aunt n my mom said this isn't a very great time in this country and their advise was "No mastee!" None of us gave it a rats ass. We cherished the moment. It was excellent and filled with jokes. The best part is we have this on video, we even have the footage of the driver!

At the end of the trip, we didn't feel like we lost anything. We were winners all along. All 7 of us. I can be quite an embarrassment at times and I was in full swing on our return. So I did this cheerleading act of "LIFE IS FUN"!! At the Nepal airport. My cousins were happy, the folks ignored it, my sister gave me a slap, people were smiling and some of the people glared. Finally, we landed and after coming out of the customs clean, it seemed as though we left the holiday mood behind. Everyone was ready to get on with the normal. The mobile phones had started buzzing and the Delhi heat began to sink in yet again.

Reality bites!! I get back to normal too from tomorrow. The lovely month with my family is over.

Life goes on... Just a little tough at times.

P.S. : I love Shanataram. I live in his world nowadays.


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